What is the layout of Boston Logan and how many Terminals are there?

Airport Overview

I am arriving on an International Flight

International Arrivals –


I am arriving on a Domestic Flight

Where is the Cell Phone Lot at Logan Airport?

What are my nearest Parking options at Logan Airport?

Have a look

International to Domestic - Bus

International to Domestic - Walking

  • (pre-security)

Domestic to International - Bus

Domestic to International - Walking

  • (pre-security)
  • (post-security)

Domestic to Domestic - Bus

Domestic to Domestic - Walking

Do I have to clear Security again, if my connecting flight departs from another Terminal?

Passenger Security checkpoints are located within each Terminal. All ticketed passengers must clear Security before proceeding to their connecting flight.

Exception: If you are connecting from to stay within Security for your connecting flight.

Show me the Ground Transportation options

Can I take a Subway from Boston Logan into Boston?

Yes. Have a look

Show me the App Ride/TNC pick-up areas - Uber & Lyft


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Global Entry
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TSA Pre Check
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